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My Approach

The decision to seek psychotherapy is a courageous step toward making significant changes in your life. Finding a therapist who is best suited for your needs and who also makes you feel comfortable can be a daunting experience. Oftentimes this search involves feelings of ambivalence and anxiety. My first priority is to ensure you have a pleasant and successful experience.


My role is to help uncover what keeps you stuck or results in negative situations, as well as to help you find your inner strengths and discover aspects of yourself you have forgotten. The everyday stresses of life have a way of pushing our deeper knowledge of ourselves and our true self aside in order for us to cope. While therapy is challenging and difficult at times, it is also very liberating and empowering.

I provide a safe, caring and nonjudgmental space where you can express yourself with honesty and courage. This allows me to ask important questions, make comments that may help you see something differently, and reflect what you are feeling and thinking so that you are able to begin to really know who you are and what you need. When you know yourself better, and on a deeper level, you are more able to make decisions for yourself that will help you live a more happy, peaceful, and healthy life. 

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